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Additional Leaks Found on 116 Year Old West 110th Street Water Main, Cleveland Water Buggy Dispatched

UPDATE AS OF 5PM ON 8/12/16: Cleveland Water crews made repairs to multiple leaks on an aging water main along West 110th Street in Cleveland last night and water service was restored to all customers. Crews will be out this evening to make additional repairs on the 116 year old main. Some customers may experience temporary service disruptions. Crews on scene will notify customers in the area and drinking water will be provided for customers whose water service may be interrupted during these repairs.

Aging Infrastructure Results in Water Main Breaks Affecting West Side Cleveland Customers

UPDATE AS OF 7PM ON 8/10/16: Repairs to the water main on West 110th Street are complete and the main is back in service. Should customers experience any issues, we ask that they contact our 24-hour water emergency line at 216-664-3060. West 110th Street will remain closed until repairs to the road can be completed. 


TRAFFIC ALERT: West 110th in Cleveland Closed Between Baltic and Clifton

Repairs to a broken eight inch water main on West 110th in Cleveland are anticipated to be completed today.

UPDATE: Discolored Water Clearing For East Side Customers

We continue to flush hydrants in the East Side 2nd high service area after repairs on a 48 inch main required a change in flow patterns and caused discolored water yesterday for customers. At this point, the discolored water has been flushed from most of the system. The water in mains in the streets is essentially clear, and customer homes should be running clear too. Should customers notice there is still discolored water in their home, they should allow their water to run for several minutes to clear the plumbing throughout their property.

Repairs to Main May Affect Some East Side Customers; Water is Safe

As we work to make scheduled repairs to a 48 inch transmission main on Fairmount Boulevard, we will be serving some of our 2nd high service area customers from a different main. This change in flow pattern may cause some discoloration in your water, but rest assured, your water is safe to drink and use as normal.

Cleveland Water Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Historic Rescue by Garrett Morgan

On behalf of the City of Cleveland, Mayor Frank G. Jackson offers a Proclamation today, July 25, 2016, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of a Historic Rescue by Garrett Morgan and volunteers during the construction of Crib number 5 on this day in 1916. The proclamation also highlights the tunnelers who laid the groundwork for our water service today.

An excerpt from today’s commemoration event at the Garrett A. Morgan Water Treatment Plant:

Cleveland Public Utilities’ Customer Service Parking Area Closed during the RNC

Customer Service Center to remain open

Begining Friday, July 15, the customer service parking area located outside of 1201 Lakeside Avenue will be closed for the duration of the RNC.

In addition to our customer service parking area being closed:

● Lakeside Avenue will be closed to parking at any meter or other designated parking area

    on the street.

● East 12th will also be closed to parking from Lakeside Avenue to St. Clair.

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of a Historic Rescue by Garrett Morgan


Please join us as we commemorate the 100th Anniversary of a Historic Rescue By Garrett A Morgan and the workers who laid the groundwork for our water service today. FREE TO ALL.

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Learn How You Can Save Before You Fill Your Pool

Now that summer seems to have actually made it to Northeast Ohio, you’re probably getting your pool ready as quickly as possible in order to stay cool. In case you didn’t already know, Cleveland Water allows customers to fill pools from a hydrant in order to help save money.

To fill your pool using a hydrant, you’ll need to obtain a hydrant permit by presenting the following items to our Permits and Sales Department:

     •  The address of the hydrant or the address of the dwelling closest to the hydrant,