Straight from the Tap

Winter Weather Prep at Cleveland Water


Harsh winter weather is never convenient. But at Cleveland Water, we do everything we can to prepare for it in order to minimize the impact it may have on the treatment and delivery of your water.

The steps we take to prepare our employees and equipment for the upcoming winter started in early fall, well in advance of colder temperatures.

These steps include inspecting necessary vehicles and equipment to ensure they are operating correctly, stocking cases of salt and calcium chloride in our warehouse, and, most importantly, properly training and equipping our repair crews.

Our pipe repair crews can sometimes work 12-16 hours in cold and wet conditions repairing water mains. To help keep them safe and warm, these employees are provided heavy duty rubberized gloves, rubberized boot spikes, and helmet liners.

In addition, Cleveland Water also operates and maintains a fleet of snow plows, salt trucks, and snow blowers. These vehicles and the crews that operate them work to clear snow and ice from the treatment plants, pump stations, maintenance buildings, and offices to keep them operating effectively regardless of the weather. They will also assist the City of Cleveland in clearing roadways if necessary. Pipe repair vehicles are also stocked with salt for when a water main break causes icy conditions during cold weather. Crews utilize the salt to keep roads and sidewalks safe.

Taking these steps each year ensures that water delivery to our customers continues to run smoothly regardless of the weather.


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