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Cleveland Water’s state-of-the-art water treatment process uses orthophosphate, an anti-corrosive that creates a thin layer of film inside water pipes throughout our system. Orthophosphate acts as a barrier on metal pipes and fixtures to prevent lead from leaching into the water. This protection works on both cityside connections and customer-side connections, plus the plumbing and fixtures inside your home. Cleveland Water knows orthophosphate is an effective preventative measure. We also continue to test and monitor for lead in the drinking water throughout our service area to ensure every drop from your tap is the safe, quality water you expect.

If you discover that you have lead plumbing or fixtures in your home and are concerned, however, there are several simple actions you can take to further reduce the possibility of lead in your drinking water.


The links below are additional resources you can consult regarding lead and drinking water.

Cleveland Water:

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U.S. EPA Lead in Drinking Water Factsheet:

U.S. EPA Lead and Copper Rule:

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